Q. How many people can be on the boat, how much room is there ?
A. There can be up to 6 passengers (customers), the Captain, and a First Mate on board.
There is more than enough room for everyone and their gear to fit comfortably,
and to be able to get out of the weather.

Q. What if some people don't want to fish, can we have more than 6 ?
A. No, unfortunately it is a USCG regulation which limits us to 6 passengers, fishing or not.

Q. Does everyone need a fishing license, even if they don't want to fish ?
A. Yes, with the type of fishing that we do, everyone on board must have a fishing license and
Great Lakes stamp.

Q. Where can we get a fishing license or salmon stamp ?
A. Fishing licenses are available, at almost any sporting goods store, online, and from the Wharf
Bait and Tackle which is located near the boat. Starting in 2018, your Captain will have paper 2-Day
fishing licenses, as well as Great Lakes stamps. Having a license prior to your trip is preferred however.

Q. Do I need experience with fishing ?
A. You do not need any experience with fishing. We have the knowledge and will gladly walk you
through what to do when we get a fish on. Actually, women or inexperienced fishermen tend to do better
than those who fish inland waters many times because they don't know what to do, and listen to coaching
and tips from the crew. We are happy to explain as much or as little as you'd like us to.

Q. What is the best time of year to go ?
A. There is no way to say what the best time of year is, fishing is very dependent on a number
of factors, water temps, weather, high and low pressure, moon phases, and the amount of bait fish
in the area. Our Season starts in early May and goes thru the end of Sept. Fishing usually picks up
by the beginning of June and remains good to mid or late Sept. If we have a cold spring, it might be
a week or two later before fishing is consistently good. If we have an early or warm spring, it might
be very good fishing in mid to early May already. Have you ever heard the saying "should have
been here yesterday" ? Well, it's not always a fisherman's white lie. A strong cold front can shut the
hottest fishing right off, and I've also seen a storm front or wind switch turn it on too. Just because
it was good yesterday, doesn't guarantee it will be tomorrow. The same goes with slow streaks,
a pressure change, rain storm, or weather change can turn things around in a hurry.
My suggestion is to pick a date that works for your group, and we'll do our best to make it a great trip!

Q. What is the best time of day to go ?
A. Again, there are too many factors that effect fishing conditions. Generally speaking,
early season fishing is less effected by sunlight and can be good from sun up to sun down.
When we are fishing mainly Chinook Salmon, fishing usually is best early morning and late evening.
Our normal starting time is 5:00AM, and occasionally leave at 4:30AM or earlier in July and August
if it's an early bite for better fishing. Typically, we fish until 8:30 or 9:00PM in July and August,
and until 8:00PM in June and Sept. During July and Aug, fishing can also be good mid day
a few days before and after a full moon. We are always willing to adjust the time of the trip a
few days prior to the fit the best fishing. Just call a day or two ahead to check on how the bite is.

Q. What happens if its too rough to fish or we have bad weather ?
A. In the rare case that it is too rough to fish, the decision will be made by the Captain to cancel the trip.
We will make our best effort to let you know as early as possible if this may happen, but many times
it is hard to make a decision based on a forecast, and are forced to cancel last minute.
If we do need to cancel a trip due to high seas or foul weather, we will make every effort to reschedule
your trip. If we are unable to reschedule, your deposit will be refunded.

We may also need to cancel a trip, adjust the length of a trip, or adjust the time of a trip due to
thunderstorms and lightning. We will however fish in the rain, so bring a raincoat or extra cloths.

Q. What if someone gets sea sick ?
A. I always recommend taking something for motion sickness if your not sure.
I know, Dramamine makes you tired.. There are a few other options, some work some don't, it depends
on the person. Ginger pills, Sea Bands, electronic devices, drops behind your ear, patches behind your
ear, and countless other ways to avoid motion sickness. But regardless if you take something or not,
it's always a good idea to get a good nights sleep, avoid large or greasy meals before a trip, and
avoid spending time in the cabin if you feel sea sick. Stay on the back deck, and watch the horizon.

If someone in your group gets sea sick, usually we remain out fishing. If you ask to return to dock early,
we will gladly do so, but you will usually be charged for the full length of the trip.
The Captain reserves the right to decide if you can drop that person off and continue fishing.
Generally there will be an extra fuel charge if we are fishing more than 2 or 3 miles from port.

Q. What do we need to bring ?
A. Anything you would like to eat or drink (beer, mixed drinks in moderation are ok)
motion sickness or other medications
sunscreen, hat, sunglasses
Warm clothing, or extra clothing (even when its hot out, it can be cool on the lake)
Rain jacket, or extra clothing
Large cooler to take your fish home in (generally left in the car until we get back)
WI Fishing License with a Great Lakes salmon stamp or 2 Day Lic. (stamp is included)
Well rested arms for reeling in big Kings

Q. Do we need to have a First Mate, because I know how to fish ?
A. Yes, it is most common for charter boats to have a First Mate. The First Mate is there
to ensure the safety of the passengers, as well as ensure your trip is successful and enjoyable.
A First Mate is also needed for safe docking and taking off from the dock.

Q. Do we get to keep our catch ?
A. Yes, absolutely !  Your catch will be cleaned and bagged at no additional cost. Your fish can be filleted,
or left whole with or without the head, and insides removed. Each fish will be individually bagged.
For those who do not want to keep any or all of their catch, we can donate the fish to other anglers for you.

Q. What ages limits are there for passengers ?
A. There is no age limit for passengers. However, if you have more than one infant, please be sure to notify
the captain prior to your trip. It is not very common to have infant passengers, so we only have one Type
infant sized life vest on board. We also carry 3 child vests, and 8 adult vests.
Children under the age of 6 will have a hard time bringing their own fish into the boat, therefore small
children who can not reel in their own fish will not be able to count towards our daily bag limit in accordance
with WDNR regulations. Children 6 to 9 years, may need assistance holding the fishing rod, but can typically
reel in their own fish. Children over the age of 10, many times are fine on their own.
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